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Beautiful teeth aren’t always natural.

Good healthy teeth require consistent brushing and flossing, as well as regular trips to your favorite dentist.  But “perfect teeth”, the kind that captivates attention, and endears you to the people you meet, needs a little something extra.  


That's what New Image Dental can give you--that award-winning smile! We can give you the beautiful teeth you want, the kind you see on TV and in the movies.


We want to give you that beautiful smile you long for with no pain or discomfort. We offer the hi-tech experience, and offer services beyond what most general dentists can do.

Transforming smiles

Thanks to modern dentistry technology and practice, you can get the perfect look  without having to endure those long and hard dentist visits you remember from your childhood.  



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All you have to do is call. You can download forms online and expedite our services to fit your busy schedule.





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Your comfort is our concern

We make sure our patients are completely comfortable throughout the experience. You can expect shorter appointments and a relaxed atmosphere.



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